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Reflected through normalisation of key haematologic parameters*1

More patients achieved normalisation of key indicators of both IVH and EVH with Aspaveli vs eculizumab*1-3

More patients achieved normalisation of key indicators of EVH with Aspaveli vs eculizumab

Normalisation ranges: Normalisation is defined as achieving the normal range for a given test based on the results that are seen in 95% of the healthy population. The normal range for a test may differ based on the group of people (e.g. men and women) and value being measured.4

*The data are descriptive in nature and collected for observation only. No formal comparisons can be drawn between the 2 arms and no conclusions can be made on the effect of Aspaveli on this measure.

ARC=absolute reticulocyte count; EVH=extravascular haemolysis; Hb=haemoglobin; LDH=lactate dehydrogenase.

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